Windows won't detect my NEC ND-3500



So I had to reformat recently, and I’ve been having a lot of problems with Windows detecting my drive. The bios detects it just fine, and funny enough, I used this drive to reinstall Windows.

Let me first say that before the reformat, my drive already had hacked firmware, so this may be the reason why Windows is being so damn stubborn. Earlier today, it actually detected my drive, but it didn’t recognize the region free hack for some reason, so I decided to reflash it. Big mistake. :frowning:

Now Windows either decides to not recognize it at all or recognizes it as a removable storage device.

What I’ve been thinking is that if I reflash the stock firmware somehow, Windows will detect it, and THEN I can flash hacked firmware with no problem.

Is this possible?


bump. No one knows the answer? :frowning:


Try uninstalling the IDE channels and reboot.
Also you never said what MB you have? :confused:
Did you install the updated drives for your IDE? :confused:


I shall try updating my IDE drivers, my motherboard’s an MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum.


This may sound stupid but sometimes we miss the simple things. Double check the jumper setting on the drives that you have are set for one master and one slave. If you have them both on CS (cable select) I recommend you change to Master and Slave. Also try the other IDE header and see what happens.


Ok, so how do I get the Microsoft IDE drivers installed? I’ve heard a lot about them being the best drivers on this site but there’s not much info on how to install them.


oh wow, that was silly of me to ask. K, Microsoft Drivers installed and the problem is solved. :slight_smile: