Windows will not recognize disc

In the past couple of weeks I have came across a new protection which windows does not recognize.
If I try and play it with Power DVD, Zoom Player or any other media player it says there is no disc.
If I put it in a standalone DVD player it will play.
Not one copy software program recognizes it and says there is no disc in drive.
I just downloaded DVDFab Platinum and I cannot even get it to recognize the source drive when it is in the drive.
After reading the tech support and forums for many software companies for the players and the copy software it seems all are experiencing the same problems.
Does anyone have an answer to this new protection so I can at least watch these new protected movies on my computer.

Please tell us what movie title it is?
(BTW please don’t cross-post as it makes it frustrating for members trying to help. Your other one has been deleted)[/I]