Windows whistler

hi all

do somebody now where i can download windows whistler

greetings grumpy

Windows Whistler has been officially name Windows XP.
Don’t know the latest version number or where to download it, but it may make it easier for you to find it under that name…


i would advise not downloading it until it’s released as the final later this year. it’s still in beta, and could cause a lot of problems on your system.

i just wanne try it
i have three computers here so i wanne try it
because the revieuws are great
so if somebody now where to get it
please tell me

windows xp rocks
it has never been easyer for me 2 install a winslow!!
it took like 48 min but then all was installed and no fucking lame errors.

but maybe its me but i cant get on the net. and i dont know the prob. but i thing its the network that dosnt work proberly



I also heard some people say that their XP works great!!
Wanna try it to but Downing it?! haha! (only ISDN here! :frowning: )

thanxs to all the people that reply to me
now i have windows xp beta
i’m gonne put it on one off my computer
i will tell how its feel afterwords


Will anybody post the damn site to download it now???

hey grumpy,

what build of win xp do u have???

don´t go for the xp 2428
go get the 2446 or 2454

Hey Brianj24,

Do u have windows xp??? if so, what build??? I got your other post about the firewall, but the problem is, I can’t get it to install my network USB thingee… Is that a problem only with vuild 2410??? thanks for yur help!


about 50 min
the first thing i notice : on a pIII 500/512/100
with 390 memory this thing go verry slow
now i just get build 2428 im gonne try this i hope this go faster


hey grumpy… can u hook me up with your version???


Where can I get a newer version than 2296 that im running.??

Brianj24>> I have the 2454 beta of xp. and when I read the info-file it says something about that the crack for 2446 could come in handy. Do you got that crack?

i have don’t have acrack for build 2428
but this is something i have to do

i must say this build is exelent
works verry nice

1 * boot up in safe mode
2 * run regedit
“hklm\software\microsoft\windows NT\current version\winlogon\activation required” <- change that to 0
3 * reboot

i hop its works for you

New beta2 coming out!!

Build 2462a is to be send to beta testers 2day! (or yesterday)

This is illegal :slight_smile: