Windows Whistler/XP

Does anyone know if there is somewhere that I can downlaod this software??? please???


yes there is :slight_smile:


You Can Get It Here…
Windows Whistler Build 2410 Pro

Hey Guys,

I need a password to enter the folder pcman62… do u have it???

and for the admin, i need passwords to enter the site,… u have it???


There is a zip folder in with the file’s that you downloaded
place these in ur /I386 folder of ur whistler folder and replace it when it prompts you to do so.

-setupp.ini fixes the cd-key request fixes the time limit for betainside. Just follow the instructions

Umm. I only could download one file… it was an ISO file in the XP folder?? is that right?? what do I do after that?

First you need to extract the ZIP file. After that you need to extract the RAR files. Then you will have all the file’s you need to install windows. You will have one folder that is a zip and it has the crack inside. Then you will need to put the two files in the i386 folder and you will then be ready to burn the cd. After that you can run setup and install Windows Whistler and won’t have to worry about the serial. Good Luck!

Whats the password to get in on this ftp?

The site was free but now needs a password. The program is about 400mb. I have it in RAR format 15mb each.

is there a newer build of it now?

if so has anyone got a link?

cheers :wink: