Windows Whistler Problem!



Hey Everyone!

I had a major problem with Windows Whistler Beta 2 build 2410… everything installed fine and stuff… but the for some reason, it would not install my USB linkmate for my internet… (I have internet on cable), when I tried to manually install it, it said that the INF file was different than what was requested or some other crap like that… Can anybody lead me in the right direction?? Do I need a more recent build, or is it just the OS in general?? I loved the way it performed, but I couldn’t get on the net!! Feedback would be great! Thanks!

Oh yeah… and the instructions that came with it for installing it?? well… It said don’t do dynamic install… what the heck is dynamic install?? I never got the chance to do that??? Did I do something wrong?? somebody please help!!!


PS-If anyone has had the same problem and fixed it, let me know how…
PPS-If anyone has a more recent version than 2410, let me know please!