Windows Whistler, hard to copy

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With all the hoopla over the release of the final version of the Linux 2.4.0 kernel last week, Microsoft Corp.'s delivery of an interim beta…

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Yeah, right!
And haven’t the guys there @ MS ever heard of cracks?! Haha!
Protection my ass! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanx Bill, 4 delivering us a new OS, and that 4 only the price of a CDR!!!

Haha! L8rz…! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well this really is stupid. I mean what if you are dumb enough to buy some MS stuff and after 2 years you buy a new computer and you still want to use it on that one… it’ll never work. ASSHOLES!

But hey, we always got the crackers… just love’m

Protect my ass!

Oh well I guess I will have to buy my first copy of Windows, ahhhh NOPE I THINK NOT

“Microsoft plans to deliver WPA in all 32-bit versions of Whistler except those sold to volume-licensing customers”

And what iso do we find on a ftp site?

yep it will proberly be available faster on ftp then it will be in the stores

and about the protection bet ya`a lot of guys waiting out on the net to crack the code hahahah so once again we win they lose…

if this is the same as office 2k then we’d just do like my cracked version! all you need to do is put a little ini file on the cd and its already registered.

if this is the same as office 2k then we’d just do like my cracked version! all you need to do is put a little ini file on the cd and its already registered.

well, let me have that whister shit version, and let me use 1 minute to crack the bitch. a note to microsoft from the scene. Give up whores, you will never have a chance beating us, and Bill Gates?? go get a haircut you bumb!!!

hmmz i have a copie of it. who want’s a copy??

yo BURP post the URL for us

hey… if Bill Gates has got that mytch money… then why doesent he get some hair that bold baboon!!=)) haha!!=)

This same crapola is basically used by Peachtree SW and also was used by Caere for their OCR software. This is crap…I (mostly) don’t even mind paying for a REAL copy of Windows…but I switch Motherboards, drives and CPU’s every couple of weeks…If this actually goes forward it is likely to be Mr. Bill’s BIGGEST mistake yet!!

so this would mean that the few people out there who haven’t got an internet connection can’t install whistler! That’s nice Bill, Good Thinking!

Mabey it is again a bug in windows and the don’t know repair it, so the call it a WPA;-).

It sucks btw, they never could use this system for many reasons like mrlova said and mr_disk.

I allready was lucky to test the beta version at work…seems very promessing, and it is hard to copy…but yep…who cares

The keyword here is: “Hard” to copy…not impossible!

this rls didn’t seem to hard to whack… heh

(nice to test allthough I still think i’m gonna stick to w2k on this box)

yeah i have had Whistler Beta 1 for about 3 weeks now… i am dual booting - it actually is a pretty cool OS - except for the fact that it’s slow and too damn user friendly… it’s got the biggest icons ive seen yet - i had to change almost every setting so that it didnt look like a crappy OS used by old people…
anyone want it ???
i have links…