Windows Vista

:confused: Hi! I havent been here since last year…forgot I was a member! I’m thinking of upgrading to Windows Vista. Has anyone here got it, if so, is it good or should I stay with XP?

Hi :slight_smile:
The real advantage of going for Vista now, is the free upgrade to Windows 7.
So 2 operating systems for the price of one if you like.
Though upgrading to 7 will render the Vista u/s.

If you are upgrading an older XP system you might want to go with the 32-bit version. The link above is 64-bit as you can see.
Also, if you are upgrading, you may only be able run Vista Home Basic 32-bit.

We have both XP and Vista here…I tend to light up the Vista machine more often.

If you have XP or Vista now, today (7-11-09) is the last day for the Windows 7 $49US pre-order deal.

Thanks, Jebedee & jflan.

I will consider the options you’ve given me. Thanks again for your advice.:slight_smile: