Windows vista

hello peps, i was wanting to know if anyone has problems with useing vista with thier burners or programs.this is my first time here in cd freaks. :confused:

No problems at all. Some applications that come with the burners have problems but most do not.

Qsuite works fine
Plextor Tools, old version does not
All the liteon tools I have tried work fine

windows vista—it’s a piece of junk right now

I am having no problems with Vista. All my programs run fine! Good OS, plenty of potential.

Welcome to CDFreaks , first make sure your drive is been support by VISAT and if you are using different burning program than VISTA that program must be VISTA compatible.

I can’t play dvd’s … due to Vista 64’s DRM and my devices apparently not having a “secure digital path” from the DVD to the monitor … but apart from that, seems Nero DVDspeed & imgburn both work fine. Haven’t tried nero yet :stuck_out_tongue:
Daemontools also works fine.
I’ll point out that I can still rip with dvddecryptor/ripit4me and convert with DVDshrink, and burn it & it’ll be fine. I just cant play it. Even with all the protections & etc removed.

And as deserved as that is, you must be able to provide reasons why that is the case.
Please explain, or keep your opinion to yourself.

@pfloyd1 - Assuming you’re running 32-bit Vista, could you post a Create Disc image from CD DVD Speed please (Simulate with -R 16X is fine)? I can’t figure why I’m getting these ugly graphs, other than that nForce3 isn’t properly supported. Happens with PATA, SATA and USB here. Thanks. :slight_smile:

i say its bloatware , it takes alot of disk space and quite heavy on ram usage aswell it uses around 500mb after a clean install , but luckily thanks to a software called vlite you can customize the installation and get rid of what you dont need for less disk & ram usage , the user account control is simply annoying but can be turned off , at the moment software/driver compatbility is poor and im sure vista itself have plenty of bugs which arent fixed yet but will be in sp1 that should come out in about 6 months , all in all at the moment i dont think its worth using

Yes, but the last time I looked, I had 400GB+ of HD space … The last timer I looked, new PC’s were coming with 160GB+ HD’s, and 1GB of ram.
5GB OS is bloat, but that’s not much of a valid argument anymore.
You can’t expect to run a brand new OS on 10yr old hardware. Even KDE (linux) has alot of fancy stuff included by default … and takes awhile to load, on recent hardware.
Similarly 400MB or ram isn’t huge either. It’s new OS, and like WinXP it has higher requirements than the previous OS. XP was an exception, it had a rather long life, since Vista was so much more complex. Obviously hardware caught up in the 5years since it was released.

I also remember 98lite & xplite before it, for those those who’s hardware wasn’t quite up to the task to run it fast enough.

Why would you turn it off? It’s an excellent feature to prevent unwanted changes to system variables/fies… although I am curious why it needs to ask you several times for the single program execution.

I will point out that Linux requires you to enter the administrators password, rather than just clicking OK, for any changs which affect the OS/user settings. Are you disagreeing with linux? And what would you propose as a solution to all these nice little hacks & worms which seem to be reaching out into technophobes computers?

I think the OK button is an excellent idea.

Same as XP. We’ve just had it good, Since development time of Vista has been excessive (for an M$ OS).

I will point out that I have repeatedly installed ATI drivers on Kubuntu Linux, one of the most user friendly, apparently, to find that’s its using default Mesa drivers, a step up from Vesa drivers, but not much, or the monitor resolutions are incorrect, or the desktop size is larger than the monitor resolution … all problems which require getting down & dirty with a command-line to resolve- > No happy point & click to do it for you.

Vista is certainly NOT a mature OS yet, not that I’m suggesting winXP is either, and Vista is not for the faint hearted or technologically illiterate, but it certainly seems at least as stable as WinXP, and if you have decent hardware, will not harm you.

Vista stores alot of your unloaded programs in RAM incase you run them. XP used to keep a quick access list of the files a program used when it started and then upon you starting that program it loaded them into RAM. Vista preloads the files for your frequently used programs at start now so that programs open even quicker, this is why its a memory hog.

Personally I love that Vista uses alot of ram, whats the point in having those multi gigs of ram if they never ever get used.

I dunno…with all this DRM protection and stuff and trying to use my older monitor I think I will stick with XP, for now. If things are still murky with Vista in 12 months I’m going Open Source… Linux. The only thing that has stopped me going Linux up until now is the limited driver support given it by major manufacturers.

debro…I agree with everything you wrote with the excpetion of the UAC. The UAC activated is the biggest pain in the butt that I have come across in Vista.

Several clicks to install a program, preventing some programs from starting up even if you want them to, and in general alot of not needed warnings. It should be renamed to Non-user Account Control because its what MS considers best for you.

Other than shutting it off, if anyone knows a way of adjusting it to your own needs, then I am all ears and may change my mind about it.

I thought the protected path thing was jut for high definition.
Is this just with the 64 bit?
Does anyone know if the 32 bit version does the same?

I am running the 32 bit version of Home Premium and have had no problems playing DVDs, backing up DVDs, and playing the backups.

Originally Posted by cheftaz
windows vista—it’s a piece of junk right now

And as deserved as that is, you must be able to provide reasons why that is the case.
Please explain, or keep your opinion to yourself.

It’s called “freedom of speech” I don’t MUST have to provide anything.
Debro reading your posts it sounds like you work for microsoft.

Everyone, including yourself, is entitled to have and express an opinion as you have twice in this thread. If you read my post it says ‘right now’ which ALL windows were and are when they first come out. By the time SP2 gets here to fix most of the issues it has and will continue to have maybe then I will think about getting it. Why would I go from having a pc that’s operating extremely well with a fine tuned xp to vista that I would have to continually search the net for solutions to ALL the problems that come with a new OS??
There are more things wrong with Vista then there are good points RIGHT NOW

Thanks man :slight_smile:

And the ready boost from the Flash bashed memory cards as well. I’m getting a 4GB 133x SD card for my laptop, it has a SD slot in the side, so hopefully it’ll speed up a few things. Those little 5400rpm lappie HD’s are almost as slow as the max data transfer rate for flash. But flash is instantaneous access, rather than the hideous seek times of HD’s :iagree:

But it would be nice if an OS could do that, without chewing up GB’s of ram :wink:

I love the gigabyte idea … stick a bunch of unused DDR dimms on a PCI card with a battery and use it as a HD. Alas, 4GB is not alot of storage though :stuck_out_tongue: And PCI limits it to 133MB/s. If they came up with a PCIE-x16 version to be used on SLI mobo’s, everyone would be impresed.

Apparently not. There are reports that X32 does not have the heavy DRM involved with the X64 version.
I have Windows Vista Business x32 on a laptop, when I get home, I’ll install the same DVD playing proggies & get back to you about it :wink:
Keep in mind that the Vista “home’s” & premium have a microsoft DVD codec installed to allow you to play DVDs and, I’m assuming, all the fun DRM that M$ has chosen to include with this.

Yes, you have the freedom to make yourself look like an idiot M$ basher like all the other monkeys bashing at a keyboard on the internet. Monkey see, Monkey do.

I am not affiliated with microsoft & am currently running linux on my dual core athy machine. I’m just sick of the same old security flaw claims, the naysaying, and the general bitching about M$ OS’s. It’s the most common, because it’s the easiest.

I installed Kubuntu Edgy-edge about 5 days ago … there were over 160MB’s of security updates. After that there were about another 150MB’s of recommended updates. Then another 300MB’s of crap to download & install to get dvd playback, avi playback & other things that I consider a requirement to make the system usable … and all through a commandline interface.

And after hours of screwing around with downloading extra packages, reading a crapload of guides, the following still don’t work for unknown reasons:
ATI’s drivers.
FAH-SMP Client.
And enabling a second monitor for the desktop results in all sorts of weird crap happening like the primary monitor resolution dropping, the desktop staying the same size, resulting in lots of hullabaloo :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep in mind that the Vista “home’s” & premium have a microsoft DVD codec installed to allow you to play DVDs and, I’m assuming, all the fun DRM that M$ has chosen to include with this.

I’m in no hurry to change to Vista and this sure isn’t going to speed me up any.

Don’t you like to hear the logic behind a belief?

You have the freedom to act like a monkey, but who wants to see that?

I remember when lots of people said they will not upgrade to XP.

Now it’s the same people (with XP…LOL)…different OS.

A few years from now people with Vista…

The 32b version of windows business plays DVD’s fine.

Although with the side note:
Media Player Classic, with the K-lite codec kit does not play video, only audio (same as x64 version).
Windows Media Player will play DVD’s.

Now the plot thickens. Windows Media Player blue-screens (or the vista technicolor equivalent) after flashing the DVDwriters firmware to RPC1.