Windows vista

i have been logging onto the internet for about 2 years with just a linksys adapter leaching off of others connections but i tried to install my linksys on a friends cpu to see if they could do it and i had a problem

the linksys installed but i couldnt find it to open it and make it work i dont even know how to search her cpu on vista to see where what i installed was in there when i tried it would search the internet on vista so can anyone tell me where to find what i installed on vista and it didnt tell me what file it put it in .

You need to install the correct drivers and software. Most hardware are compatible on Vista but some are known to have bugs and problems. Oh, and stealing wireless internet is wrong (at least here in the USA). A Florida man was jailed a while back for parking his car in front of another man’s home to steal wireless internet. He was thrown in jail after the man in the home called the police because he was suspicious of the man parking his car in front of his home. Just be warned. And just for laughs and giggles, this is what happens to some internet leechers:

I refuse to help you on moral grounds.

There is a special circle in hell dedicated to people that take advantage of their fellow humans weaknesses or ignorance.