Windows Vista

After numerous readings in other forums and searching the web don’t remember the ULR’s Windows Vista Officially sucks now. Why you ask well instead of activating like you would in XP W2K ect… It will be more of you rent it type ordeal. I don’t want to believe it, I hate to believe it but I think I might just go and buy a Mac now. I hope there is someone who can say this is wrong and this accusation isn’t true. But after hearing this numerous of times I won’t be running out and getting it. Source one was a dell consultant that talked to a friend of mine and was getting the mobo replaced on a laptop. The support asked my friend if he knew about the new OS and was interested in it he said maybe……Why? The support person said you’ll never own it you’ll be more less renting the OS even if you were to buy a retail DVD of it. Now I for one am good about getting info but really feel for the new guy that might not know and get sucked into this. I thought it was a lie and only dealt with windows media player. But it sounds like it is the whole OS. Has anyone else heard anything on this?

All I’ve heard is that there will be at a minimum of 6 different versions of it at release, and that you can upgrade from one to another pretty simply. Haven’t heard anything about a “rental” version of it.

As far as I know Mircosoft was thinking of a new concept of you paying a monthly subscripton for it’s OS, And that your OS had to do a validation every month. I don’t think they will go with that concept because they will lose alot of customers.

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Monthly description? Abo for an OS which has more bugs and leaks than the world has kanguruhs??

I agree if they do that then Mac just might be able to to be in the lead, I know I plan on building a new OS but I think I’ll wail till we see if this is going to happen now. I’m to poor to spend 2 or 300 dollars just to spend more to continue use of it too.

Why bother with Vista anyway?

Not being funny it took years to iron out the major bugs of XP, so might as well stick to it until they do the same with Vista. What is it that some want things like this as soon as it comes out?

Unless there is a major advantage I’ll be giving Vista a miss as XP fulfills all my needs.

There was no mention of a “rental” type thing in any of the articles I have seen on it in any of the PC magazies. I’ll leave the gossip and such where it belongs in the rubbish and wait until it is confirmed.

The thing in posting this is that little rumor of you’ll need a subscription just to update SP’s and hot fixes every month so said, even if you wait the subscription would still be there and there will always be bugs in the OS. I just trying to find out if the rumor is true or am I paranoid. Oh the price of the OS will be the same sort of as XP and XP Pro , WMCE as well.

I why not linux? is mac better?

Are you sure it might not be confusing what you have heard with the idea of Wndows Genuine Advantage?

Because there are confirmed reports that all copies of Windows will require this for updates and it will be required for software (Office, etc) with in the next year or so as they seem to have found and blocked the loopholes.

That’s what I was thinking. The problem of loopholes were solve even in future versions.

No not really but I do have my wife to think of and she can’t understand Linux. I have no problem but I must do for my wife too that’s why I said Mac.

I’m not bashing windows and not meanng to spread rumors just trying to find out as much as possible.

Linux and Mac are pretty much the same to learn if you have no experience of either. Atleast with linux there are a lot of distros to choose from. SuSE seems to be the easiest to use.

Ok I finally got the answer to this for all that’s interested in knowing too. Windows Vista is putting in their windows defender program a better firewall, and a antivirus software. These are where the subscriptions are not the OS itself. There is those people out there that will pay for it especially if they don’t know of the freeware and the ease of use with it. Anyhow glad I found the answer. My concern is no longer now. :bigsmile:

While they have a right to protect their software I would take notice of finding all the loopholes. If that was true we would not see that little popup the second tuesday of every month. For every hole they fill, somebody will dig a new one.

Hence why I said the “seem” to have found them. We are talking windows genuine advantage here, as opposed to the actual OS, which could at one point be fooled with a little bit of reg editing or java script.

I jsut bought a new liscence for XP Pro and do not plan to use Vista for at least 2 years after its release. After the fiasco with Millenium and ME and 2000, I have grown to really like XP.

I’m wanting to play Halo3 and a few other titles and vista will be the only OS to be able to play these games yes they will put a SP3 for windows but it won’t be much “I think”.

you had Millenium and ME :confused: OMG :flower:

Do you know how strange it was for me to jump from 98-2 to xp. For a whole day I just stared at the screen

Bloody rubbish ! Microsoft will be shooting itself in the foot - However, this whole “renting software” concept is not far fetched and will eventually be the future where you will RENT games and apps on your PC by downloading them. However, not the OS, that is insane. Remember when you buy the OS you never did “OWN” it you buy a License. I don’t see how you will RENT the OS itself - You’d be surprised how one silly rumour can turn into something completly silly, like for instance the rumour circulating about DirectX10 and how you can ONLy run DX10 games in Vista, etc…I remember about the same CRAP said about WindowsXP when it first came out. Maybe certain componenets of Vista that you will need to activate separately and pay a monthly fee, but not the core OS - AND there will be many FREE alternatives on the web to those said software, much like there is for Office products.

Absolute rubbish.

Updating to VISTA will not be a MUST - Unless you have a powerful system and loads of RAM, don’t even bother, stay with XP. That Pentium 266 + 256MB of RAM won’t cut it (that’s just as an example).

Set up an extra partition and dual boot XP / Vista.

To be able to enjoy the DX10 features of newer games, yes you will need VISTA, but if I am not mistaking, you will be able to run them in XP (no longer in 98/ME probably) in DX9 mode. You will also need a DX10 capable card anyways.

The problems with Vista will not be only if you pay or not…you will pay for sure, and not just because you’ll upgrade your O/S. Have a look here:

And you will get a “safe machine”…that will control everything, including you!
Perfect DRM and in the future, you will discover that you can be prevented from reading your own files (created by you, not just the ones you bought or copied), if you finnish a file related paid service or your software license expires! Enjoy!

The MAC will require that you buy a new machine and brand new software.

Linux distributions are free, you have a lot of open source software, but if your interests make you to need the very last games you will probably be “forced” to go along with Mr. Gates new wander…