Windows Vista Voice recognition flops on live news

If you like to bash Microsoft…here is some fodder. Actually, it is pretty darn funny. Someone posted the video on YouTube.

The final twist of the knife is applied by the newscaster after the video.

That sort of thing is always funny to watch! :bigsmile:

I’ve played around a little bit with voice recognition in Microsoft Office 2003, and although it is fun to play with, it’s not worth the time unless you have lost the ability to use your hands (or feet) for typing.

Things going wrong at Microsoft presentations of their new operating systems is a tradition dating back to the 80’s! Ah yes, blame the echo.

Yes! I also blame the echo for little billy’s demo of USB & Win98.
Shut the f@#k up people! My USB thingy demands silence …

It reminds me of the good old days, back when modems were a chunky device that you actually dialled the number with a standard phone & then stuck the handpiece in the modem cradle …

Run around going "Everyone Sssshh, Sssssssssh, Sssssshh … I’m surfing the net!"
Although, there really wasn’t really a “Net” to surf back then, more like bulletin boards where you could download … um … all sorts of stuff.

Like animated gifs of people banging away.

Makes me remember the whole windows 98 thing.