Windows Vista SP1 to arrive by November!

Looks like SP1 Beta is slated for July/August with the full release for November/December.

Looks like they are planning to update the kernel for the first time ever.
Wonder what else they are planning to do/redo/undo.

UAC hopefully.

What do you want changed???

I agree UAC is a pain and i have mine off.
I wonder if they will update both the 32bit and 64bit kernels.

Removing the DRM crap would be nice but unlikely.

Other than that i’m happy with Vista.

vista needs an approach whereby the user/process/process tree is temporarily elevated to admin, rather than requesting admin access many times.

UAC is necessay now. It’s not the 1980’s when virii & worms didn’t exist.

Hopefully they might also address the 32b memory space issue … eliminate DRM and add a whole bunch of supported drivers to the patch :wink:

UAC is best enjoyed off