Windows Vista compatibility chart for Plextor products

As published by Plextor Japan:

(Use to translate)

Side Note: There will be a FW 1.11 for the PX-716 in January.

Thanks hwp!!!

I don’t see my 708A on here. Is it supported? Surely?

Sorry for my ignorance here, but this is the first I’ve heard of specific drives being compatible/incompatible with Vista… I know they’re being weird about RPC1 drives, but why would a firmware update be needed for a standard 716 to be Vista-compatible?

Sounds weird, but it’s true. I once installed Vista on a machine with an old Lite-On 8x burner and the drive was not useable; it had a yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager.

Notice that ‘compatible with Vista’ means it is compatible with Vistas CD/DVD burning engine. That test for compatibility therefore included:

< Verification contents >

Using Vista standard entry function, data entry

UDF Format (the format/data elimination/the clear disk from Explore)
The data entry with UDF (data entry/the disk it removes,/postscript)

The videodisc compilation from of Media Player

The music CD compilation from of Media Player

The videodisc compilation from of DVD Maker

The videodisc compilation from of Windows Media Center

Windows System Backup

Even if the drive does not work with these functions of Vista it does not necessarily mean it will not work with other burning software running under Vista.

I have been using Vista Premium for a couple of weeks and the built burning tools are not that good any way.

I installed Nero 7.7 update for Vista and it works great but I have to admit I did not try my PX-716A since it is in another computer.

nero + 716a works in vista. actually just about any drive I’ve tried burned fine under Vista (which shouldn’t come as a surprise)

Plextor USA has put the following notice up concerning [B]Easy Media Creator 8[/B]

[I]Plextor Easy Media Creator 8 upgrade for Windows Vista.

Plextor customers using Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 recording software suite, included with drive models PX-755UF, PX-608U, and PX0608CU, AND using the Windows Vista OS, can now upgrade to Roxio’s Easy Media Creator 9. Download the update file at and install.
Roxio has no upgrade path available for OEM customers wishing to upgrade to Windows Vista and using versions prior to Roxio Easy Media Creator 8. Easy Media Creator 9 upgrades can be purchased from[/I]

hwp, any news on the firmware 1.11 for PX-716?

I don’t see it on their site and it is fast approaching April.

No, unfortunately no news regarding FW 1.11 for the 716.

I’m using Vista, but can’t get my px-740a to be recognized using an external case. The same case w/ my Pioneer dvr-112d works fine.

Plextor USA now has an english compatibility matrix up:

Plextor Japan has published a guide on how to make the old Plextools Professional work under Windows Vista at least partially (CD/DVD-ROM Maker does not work? Hopefully someone with more knowledge in Japanese than me can clarify):