Windows Vista can't find driver for LG GSA-H22L

I am trying to get a LG GSA-H22L working under Windows Vista. The GSA-H22L is recognized by BIOS and Windows Vista detects it as new hardware; however, Vista can’t locate a driver for this drive. I have read several posts that state that drivers are not necessary for burners; however, Windows Vista is reporting that it needs a driver for this device, but can’t find one. Even after Vista checks Windows Update it still can’t find a driver for the GSA-H22L, it can’t offer any solution, and the drive doesn’t function (properly) in Vista.

This drive was functioning properly under Win XP Pro on the same PC before I upgraded to the Vista O/S. Some features on this drive also worked immediately after I upgraded the O/S to Vista; however, I recently moved the drive to the Secondary (Master) IDE controller and the GSA-H22L stopped working. Vista keeps detecting the GSA-H22L as new hardware and Vista wants to load a driver, but it can’t locate one.

Does anyone have any idea how to get this drive working under Vista. Or, does anyone know whether this drive is actually compatible with Vista?

have you tried removing the IDE controllers, restarting and letting windows redetect the whole bunch again?

You need to take ownership of, change permissions and delete Vista’s infcache.1 file. For some reason Vista has a nasty habit of corrupting this file, causing it to be unable to find even its standard drivers in the inf directory. I’ve attached a .vbs script to change the permissions for this file as appropriate and delete it for you. I personally have the script running at windows startup. It’s an easy way to do it, as it will happen more than once. Make sure you’re logged in as an administrator before running this script. (406 Bytes)

Darth Boy,

I considered removing the IDE controller driver and letting Vista redetect; however, I am concerned about the possibility that Vista won’t detect the IDE controller correctly and then I could really be in a pickle.

The Windows Vista Upgrade advisor had indicated that my system supported Vista; however, I have since learned that Asus has not issued Vista drivers for the A8V-E Deluxe motherboard.

With this in mind, what are the risks of deleting the IDE controller? Am I likely to find that Vista can not detect / support my IDE controller? I am concerned that Vista is relying on a Win XP driver running in compatibility mode and that there may not be a Vista equivalent driver. Is this possible, likely, or unlikely?


I’ve not too sure about Vista. I’ve removed IDE controllers in XP and Win2k without any problems. This includes the controller which the primary harddrive resides. Everything is redetected fine. you can find the solution here there are a microsoft programs “microsoft fix it” look under windows seccion for " your cd drive or dvd drive is missing or is not recognized by windows or other programs" good luck