Windows vista aero

Hi everybody…I just got a weird problem with my pc…I got vista on it n my score was 5.3…Aero was working fine but now aero does not work…when I checked my score, it said unrated…I updated it again but to my surprise for graphics n gaming graphics it’s saying 1.0…it’s supposed to be around 5.9…what is happening? Even though I update my score, it stays unrated n where u have to update the score, it always say new hardware found…is it some problems with my graphic card? I just bought a new 9600GT(1 week)…

PC specs:

Core 2 Duo E7300
500GB hardisk
Geforce 9600GT 512MB(had a 9400GT before)
Windows Vista Ultimate

Plz help…thanxs in advance

Update the video driver and rerun the assessment to get a new score.

wow…thanxssssssss…solved the problem :slight_smile: