Windows validation

Don’t know if someone can help

My PC crashed, hard drive and all. So I lost Windows XP. I do not have the original CD, was loaded at a previous job. The computer shop loaded XP, but now everytime I start my PC it states that I do not have an original version, etc.

Any way to get around it, or does one just ignore it until I buy Vista?

If you have a recovery program use it , if not order the decovery disc set.

You will give me more info! What is a recovery program- do I download it or is it somewhere on the PC?
I suppose the decovery set is a new Windows XP?

Could you help me please CCRomeo?

Recovery (if present is on a partition of your hard drive) if your computer has only one physical HDD yet shows 2 local drive in ‘MY COMPUTER’ one may be the recovery partition and could be used to do a system recovery. If not maybe you can order a recovery CD or DVD set to do a full recovery.

Why not go back to the computer shop the loaded XP?

when you say a computer shop loaded xp for you does that mean you purchased windows xp with the actual cds and everything and they installed it for you or do you mean they charged you to install their own copy of xp with a known blacklisted serial number?

if the shop charged you for a pirated xp, i’d be VERY upset with them.

what operating system did the computer come with? sometimes you can purchase the discs from the manufacturer for a reduced price if you already have the serial number or product code or whatever. this code is usually located on a pretty little shiny sticker somewhere on the outside of your computer case.

if you have no serial and no recovery partition or recovery discs though it looks like you’ll have to buy a new copy of windows.

…or download linux.

if you have no recovery partition as CCRomeo mentioned, it seems like the only step at the moment is to buy an OS and install it yourself. this way you can be sure you’re using the serial number that came with YOUR discs.

First I’d try the shop that loaded XP. If you buy Windows, I’d stay with XP or 2k because there’s insufficient driver support at this point for Vista, and Vista uses much more space plus requires more memory.

I’m not sure that I understand your exact problem. Are you getting a WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) warning, with the little star looking icon in the system tray? If, there is a workaround that can fix the issue in some occassions. If that is the case, let me know & I’ll post the instructions here. It’s just a lot to type & I don’t want to spend the time if this is not your specific issue.


Otish this is what the message states. I am able to continue working, having deferred their solution options.
"This copy of Windows did not pass genuine validation. The product key found on this computer is a Volume License Key (VLK) that has been blocked."
Is it possible to overcome this? (The CD was not sold to me, the guy at the shop loaded it??!

remember not to post anything that seems illegal

Good point, although I’m sure that’s not Otis’s intention :)…we wouldn’t want owners of pirated Windows getting any ideas :wink:

Regarding the original question, I’d follow bevills1’s advice - go straight back to the shop that installed Windows and ask for the original or recovery discs that should have come with the install :slight_smile:

Edit: and remember to tell them the key for that install is blacklisted.

"This copy of Windows did not pass genuine validation. The product key found on this computer is a Volume License Key (VLK) that has been blocked."
Is it possible to overcome this? (The CD was not sold to me, the guy at the shop loaded it??!
Windows is telling you that the copy of Windows XP loaded by your PC shop is an unauthorized copy (i.e. “illegal”).

Windows Genuine Advantage has been known to be wrong in rare cases, but it’s much more likely that it’s telling the truth and that your version of Windows XP is a “pirate copy”.

You will either need to get the shop to provide you with a genuine Windows XP, or buy a new Windows XP or Vista license.

more to the point do u have a C.O.A ( certificate of authenticity) attached to ure pc anywhere ? :slight_smile:

The following procedure is not illegal. If you do have an illegal copy of Windows, with a hacked or invalid key, then this procedure will not work. This is an official way to validate Windows if your validation key has been corrupted in some way, or if WGA has become corrupted. So, please don’t worry, this is not a hack.

  1. Make sure you are set to view hidden files. If you aren’t, go to My Computer -> tools -> folder options -> view tab -> select the “show hidden files & folders” option -> apply -> ok

  2. Go to (drive letter):\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Windows Genuine Advantage\Data. Delete the “data.dat” file.

  3. Close “My Computer”. Empty the Recycle Bin.

  4. Open Internet Explorer & go to the following URL…

  5. Run the Genuine Advantage Tool at the above URL. (Answer “yes” to install Active X components if it asks you.)

  6. After tool is done running, you will get a “validation succeded” or “validation failed” message. If it failed, you’re copy of Windows is not legal & there’s nothing more you can do. If it succeded, do the next steps.

  7. Close Internet Explorer, go to start -> run. Type the following in the “run” box then click “ok” -> wgatray.exe /b

  8. Restart Windows. The WGA message should be gone.

Again, to all concerned, this is not an illegal hack & will not work on an illegal copy of Windows, so please don’t be worried about any legal ramifications. I work in an IT department. We have legal corporate license keys for all Windows products. Occassionally, without rhyme or reason, this WGA bug will rear it’s ugly face on a computer. The above method will revailidate a copy of Windows, provided the the license key is indeed valid.



if you paid for the copy of Windows that was preloaded on your computer, this article is worth reading:
More information can be found here:


if you paid that shop any amount of money and did not get original windows discs, product key, and certificate of authenticity, then you need to go back and get a refund ASAP.

what they did is very illegal.

if they won’t rectify the issue, then go to a legitimate shop or order windows online and install it yourself.

WGA is known to be wrong on occasion, but why would someone be using a VLK on a consumer system? Sounds fishy to me.