Windows user wanting to test Linux



Hey guys,
I am LONG term windows user and been told by many mates to give Linux ago. So I am going to format my old laptop (1Ghz, 128 RAM, 40GB HDD, shared GFX, CD-ROM) and load a Linux distribution onto it. I need one that isnt to hard to set-up and use. I dont mind using CLI to get it set-up along as its easy to do. I dont need to run anything much, just to give me a taste of whats its like.




Mandrake (the easiest i think) or Fedora Project or SUSE LINUX

generaly Mandrake is the best 4 u… it is (edited :P) Red Hat and grafic interface is realy easy … =]




give kanotix a go


You can take a look to a cd-live distro like knoppix ( ), you dont have to install anything on your computer.
If you want to have it on your computer hard drive I think the better option is Mandriva ( mandriva is the new name for Mandrake Linux distro ).


if VirusHack got PC special 4 linux …
Better to have linux on HDD =]


I agree with besmirch, runnning from a live cd is slow it is how I am running with linux at the mo as I can’t seem to find drivers for my usb modem. Virus you have started something off now, given the number of distros, there are going to people who favour atleast one of them. Try here for more info on the different distros: all the distros are listed there, and they have links to the sites for free downloads of some or purchase of others, plus links to support forums.