Windows Updates: Mysterious Folder Now On Ext. Hard Drive

After I installed the June 14, Microsoft Windows Updates, this folder “mysteriously” appeared on my external hard drive: 76c948bd057a602d1c9e854b111794
There are 41 items in the folder, but Properties shows 0 bytes and I am unable to open any of them, even while logged on as administrator. I was able to delete several of the files, but not the folders; some of the files were 3AD05575-8857-4850-9277-11B85BDB8EO09, which I have read are registry keys. When I try to Delete all of the folders, I receive the prompt ‘Destination Folder Access Denied’.
How do I remove this from my external hard drive? Should I restore the files back to the external drive from the recycle bin? Should my external drive be disconnected while installing updates? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Eric :confused:


if I remember correctly, then WU is using the drive with largest free capacity for these temporary folders. These should vanish automagically after two weeks or so.

I agree, it might be not the worst idea to have the external HDD disconnected on patch day. :wink:
Unless you want to make some backup (which isn’t a bad idea either).


You can use Unlocker or other similar app to delete those stubborn folders (Google is your friend).

I would just wait if mciahel is correct & the folders just disappear in a couple of weeks .That will be the easiest .
Unlocker is also a good software & many times works as posted by petremure .
If both those fail you can get a linux disc like TRK & remove the folders with it from outside Windows. I’ve only done this with files & haven’t actually tried on a folder but I think it would only be a matter of the correct command.