Windows Updates DRM

So has anyone installed the Update for WMDRM-enabled Media Players (KB891122) yet? If so what has happened after the install. My guess is that 99% of people here are staying away from it but just thought I would ask. I just noticed it in Windows updates.

All feedback welcome :iagree:

I noticed it in my Windows Update, I updated anything else but WMDRM-enabled Media Players and Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool lol

Same here. By what I have read about DRM I am staying away. :bigsmile:

I didn’t download the WMDRM media player, but I do always download the malicious software removal tool when it is on the list, should I not?

Malicious Software Removal Tool is similar program to Stinger, it’s just quick scan your PC for viruses, it’s OK to download it. I have an anti virus software installed so I don’t need to download it

Thanks for the clarification bro! :iagree: