Windows Update silently installs Windows 10 downloader



We’ve just posted the following news: Windows Update silently installs Windows 10 downloader[newsimage][/newsimage]

Microsoft has released an optional update that “enables additional capabilities for Windows Update notifications when new updates are available to the user”. We discovered the update is actually a downloader for Windows 10 which will notify the user that Microsoft’s upcoming operating system can be downloaded.

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Here are both XML files for those who want to check


Without going into much details, this update also detects validity of the OS. See my post in the windows loader support thread. It detects and flags the slics by the latest loader version


If anyone has the update number please post it. I don’t even want it on my computer.
Thanks Guys


Try reading the article again, it’s already in it. Immediately below the image


Here you go Ivan :

If you did install it this is what to look for:

Once the update is downloaded it adds a folder to System32 called “GWX” which contains 9 files and a folder called “Download”. One of the four .EXE files reveals what the update really is, the description of GWXUXWorker.EXE states, “Download Windows 10″.


“This explains the X in the name, the X is the Romanian number 10”

This part is wrong. Yo guys meant to say Roman. Romania uses the Arabic numbering system


My firewall caught this crap a couple of days ago. There wasn’t much information about it online so I kept it temporarily (without internet
access) but I uninstalled it today after verifying what it is.


I keep Windows Update set to disabled in services.
When I want to use it I set it to Manual.
Thanks to this article I was able to just right click on it & “Hide update” it.


why disable? you do know you can configure it to just look for updates but not download/install them right? Does the same thing and thats how i got it. Unistalled that update too know that its clear what it is, a freaking trojan in a way from micro$oft


Thanks to both of you. I don’t know how I missed it.


I booted Windows 8.1 on my Desktop which was last booted a few months ago and I caught the following screenshot just it completed installing:

I wonder what it installed extra, unless this update was installed automatically without being given the choice…


I need to get MS to count me out 50 dollars a million times giving me 51 of 50 . :bigsmile:


Interesting description for this update in the Windows update screen - totally different to Microsoft’s KB page. This is on my laptop which didn’t have the update installed yet:

After the update claimed it was installed, I didn’t see a ‘GWX’ folder in system32, so I searched the OS drive for it. In the short time it took the command prompt to search the drive, it suddenly appeared:

When I brought up the task manager, I could see a Windows installer process running hogging the CPU for another minute. So this update is quite sneaky, continuing to run despite the Windows Update screen claiming the update has already completed!

It’s similar to the pesky .NET framework updates where they hog the CPU compiling modules in the background for several minutes after Windows Update claims it finished installing them.


Seán, you did not see GWX in your first DIR command because the directory has the System attribute. Your second DIR command includes the /A which shows ALL files/folders, incjuding Hidden and System.



Hmm, I now have a tray icon on the taskbar of both my windows 7 systems entitled “Get Windows 10”. Installed wholly without any action my part. Grr!


My Wife and I both have windows 8.1 Pro and KB3035583 has been installed on both of our Computers . She received the Windows Icon on her computers task bar to Reserve Windows 10 , But I have Not. Not Sure Why.


If this news keeps going I might have to remove


as well…


I have several boxes, all 8.1 equipped and all received the KB303553 update.
I have uninstalled the update on all and it has removed the icon and whatever traces on all computes but one.
On that box the tray icon notification is gone but I’m left with a notification in Windows Update which I am unable to remove. I would appreciate any input on how to eradicate.


@ [I]Nemesys[/I] that is odd I don’t get that on my Windows 7 even with Windows update 10 notification on my task bar.