Windows Update question

I don’t do the automatic update preferring to control it myself.
I select “Check for updates” . Then I select each one I want to install & install it .
This is my question if anyone knows why:
In the Event Viewer I get the following message sometimes
“Windows Servicing identified that package KB########## is not applicable for this system .”

If it is not applicable to my OS then why does Windows Update find it & then download & try to install it ?

That is a waste of my time & resources.

This might be a sequence issue… “If this user will take everything instead of picking and choosing, he’d get the one that is restricted - it requires the installation of something he doesn’t know he needs.”

Something like that.

Take the ones you want. Do the install, restart the computer and go back to UPDATE and see what choices you get. If it doesn’t show up again, then WinUpdate has figured out what you know - “I don’t want it, need it, etc.”

If it does come back up, then I’d be curious what other element it’s ‘requiring’ to be installed.

Thanks ChristineBCW . I have found by doing it my way I usually don’t have problems.
I download just one at a time & then reboot. I’m probably not in sequence except I try to always do the earliest date first. MS KB numbers are not always in sequence either.
I guess the unneeded ones do disappear. Even ones like the example.

When doing an initial system install I typically leave automatic updates turned off.

That id because updates does a lot of pointless updates to system packages that are shortly tp be replaced…

Typically on an XP install updates is downloading and installing security
updates on IE6, WMP9 and other programs that it is GOING to REPLACE
automatically as “Critical updates”, so I leave updates turned off until I
have MANUALLY updated to IE8, WMP11 and manually updated .net
framework through 4.0 and then dealt with the KB2481109 update error
(part of life when upgrading an XP installation)

BTW, when you hit that error (need for a remote assistance patch)
THIS is the “silver bullet” for that problem.
(only applicable to windows XP)