Windows Update......invisible updates in WinXP

I just posted the article Windows Update…invisible updates in WinXP….

Windows Update is back in WinXP. Bill gates said about this:

One of the key elements for us is Windows Update. We’ve decided that we’re going to have all defined drivers on the Windows…

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don’t like this. it sor of happens in ME too. they are slowly taking control of our PCs. Tis a bit like spyware. I think that the next thing to be addressed in PC security will be that the user has to be told what is happening properly. Things take over your PC without asking, like ISP trials that change your DUN or IE interface. The other day I found a copy of GATOR on my pc which I had not installed.

What you all need to do is go download yourself a copy of AtGuard (no longer in mass production and now released by Norton as Norton Firewall) but install this. Set it up to act strictly, they just set options to Permenantly BLOCK all outbound attemps by Windows when Atguard prompts you saying an outbound attempt is being made.

won’t zonealarm block outbound attempts? i am new here and not as knowledgeable as you all, so please don’t blast me -just trying to learn

Ok. I think you know that ATGuard will not work on WinXP. It only will recognize cookies, so ATGuard will not seccure you against the automatic WinXP update. Perhaps its too old and not written for WinXP. If I’m wrong tell me, but thats what i experienced.