Windows Update fails to run

I click on Windows Update from the start menu & nothing happens, IE doesn’t get fired up.

I fire up IE & then repeat the process & another IE window is opened & does what Windows Update should do.

It’s XP Pro with SP2 and IE6. Fully updated.

Any ideas?

Have you disabled some services?

The following are necessary to execute windows update (checked :iagree: ):

  1. Automatic updates
  2. Background Intelligent Transfer Service

Is your firewall blocking something?

Automatic updates does not need to be on to manually run Windows Update.

The point is that if IE is running before I manually initiate an update then everything is fine, otherwise IE won’t get started.

I verified that if these two services are not started (manually or set as automatic), windows update is not able to retrieve anything. I tried to do a windows update with these services stopped, and I got an error, asking specifically to enable these services.

Yes, and besides those two services, then “Cryptographic Services” should be set to “Automatic”, as else “Microsoft/Windows Update” errors may occure.

Why even bother using WindowsUpdate when you have Autopatcher?

It’s a shame that nobody is really reading my posts here so I’ll repeat the problem quite clearly.

I can run Windows update by clicking on Windows update on the start menu, providing IE is running. If IE is not running then clicking on Windows Update on the start menu fails to initialise IE. Once IE is running then the fully updating process works fine.

My other PCs are set up exactly the same with Automatic Updates disabled and the manual update process works fine.

Don’t worry about it just use Autopatcher and you will have all the updates :slight_smile:

The registry entry or shortcut that Windows Update in the start menu is referring to is malfunctioned?

[B]Windows Update[/B] is a bit outdated anyway, and it is being replaced by [B]Microsoft Update[/B] which not only updates Windows but other installed Microsoft products such as Office and SQL.

Try installing [B]Microsoft Update[/B] by going to Microsoft’s Web Site and check the [B]Resources[/B] section on the left.

This will install the [B]MUWebControl Class[/B] ActiveX.
If you are successful you can remove the [B]WUWebControl Class[/B] from Internet Explorer and delete it from your Start Menu.

The Start Menu shortcut is fine as far as I can see, looks identical to that on one of my other PCs.

I’ll check the registry entries and compare to a PC that works.


I’ll try this on one of my PCs once I’ve done a full backup.