Windows Update detects Office 2007 updates

Windows Updates detects several updates for Office 2007 although I do not (and never did) have Office 2007 installed, only Office 2003. Some time ago I’ve installed an Office 2007 compatibility pack, which provides read/write Office 2007 documents to Office 2003.

Is there any registry key which might have triggered the Office 2007 updates?

Maybe? have you tried to install these updates? if not do so and keep me posted.

[quote=THE C.;1935149] …have you tried to install these updates? if not do so and keep me posted.[/quote]Why don’t you install them and keep us all posted?

Thats what I meant to say. Us All. :wink:

I don’t want to install them :rolleyes: I just want to avoid Windows Update to detect Office 2007. It must be something in the registry signaling to WU that I have Office 2007 installed, but which registry key :doh:

Go and have a look through the registry and if you find something remove it. Be sure to backup the registry first so you can go back to old settings. :slight_smile:

YOu can hide the updates in the update window. Since you don’t want them. This will keep the icon from showing on the bottom toolbar.

I’m not using Automatic Updates, so no problem is tray icon.