Windows Update and NeroVision Express

The lastest Windows updates (last week’s) have screwed up NeroVision Express on my PC. The program crashes every time I start to encode a DVD. Anyone else had this problem?

Nero has released a new version of NeroVision Express 3
version released April 19th.

Hope this helps…
Go look here:

The only problems I had were when I installed nero 66012. No problems here before that with all windows updates applied. Apparently, nero Vision 3100d does not fix the problem with Nero 66012.

I have read that for now a solution might be to “downgrade” to Nero, then most of users their probs should go away…

I think @ least that is the case…

Think you are right mindwarper, my problems with transcoding in seem to have gone away by intalling

I’m up to date with XP Sp2 updates and is still humming along

It will fix the problem, I confirmed the problem and fix shortly after the release of 66012.

I have notified Nero, but they are behaving like morons (asking for info I told them I don’t have and not testing themselves).