Windows to MAC

HI all I have a file on my pc that I’m trying to burn so that it will run on a MAC the file is a MAC file I’m told(.dmg) anyway can anybody suggest a way for me to get the file on a disk please :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

have you tried just burning the file as data to a disc?

or will it not work this way?

then once you get the actual file to the mac you can mount it or burn the image so you can run it off the disc or whatever

.dmg is is an archive file kinda like zip , commonly used for software installations , they should run just fine on mac os x if youll burn as data , if you wanna burn it as image or just extract the files inside the dmg then you can use macdrive/transmac or the free dmg2iso

thanks for the fast reply I’m gonna try the data to disk first then see what happens, sadly I know so little about these things :frowning:


the programs that easterbunny mentioned will burn “as image” to the disc similar to burning an iso to a disc and being able to use that as an install disc.

the method i mentioned will just dump the data and let the mac deal with it later similar to just burning an iso file to a disc as data.

that’s the main difference between the two methods as far as i know. I use a windows/linux pc at home and only used macs at school for video work so i never really did any extracting or installing.

basically easterbunny’s method is being nice and making a nice disc for the person that they can install from and my method is throwing the data at them and letting them deal with it :stuck_out_tongue: