Windows Stuck at logon screen --kindly help



Hi. I have an old laptop, a Compaq Presario C505TU … I installed an antivirus program… Installation was successful and I had to restart. I restarted but now my laptop is stuck at the windows XP splash screen… It keeps on loading and then restarts by itself and this continues… I cannot access my desktop.

Could anyone kindly help? Could someone please also tell me how to access bios on this laptop? Thanxs

P.S: I have windows XP professional SP3 and I cannot even access my laptop in safe mode or by using the last good configuration thing


If even safe mode fails, i think it’s time to put your original Windows XP cd in, boot from it, and repair all the system files.


This laptop dvd rom doesn’t work…Will it be the same if I do it with a pendrive with windows xp on it?


So, you’re saying that there are already serious hardware problems with this laptop and you’re surprised suddenly software problems pop up as well?

Did you take a look at the support page? Perhaps a bios update would do wonders.


successfully installed windows using a pendrive. Thank you for your help

The laptop is in good condition although it’s an old one. Everything works fine apart from the dvd rom