Windows Store app tried to install adware – bypassed Microsoft’s checks

We’ve just posted the following news: Windows Store app tried to install adware – bypassed Microsoft’s checks[newsimage][/newsimage]

Microsoft has removed an app from its Windows Store that tried to install adware on Windows 10 computers. It’s unclear how the app ended up in the Windows Store since Microsoft checks apps first and if an app shows unwanted or malicious behavior during the check it won’t be added to the Windows Store.

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It is only natural that the bad guys are turning their heads in the ‘store’ direction as that is a place to get much spread fast… Not knowing how much activity there actually is on the Microsoft version of it of course.

Also, the checks performed by Microsoft can only go so far. After all, when it comes to cyber-security, Microsoft has a horrible track record. However, even if it weren’t Microsoft we were talking about, the fact that these programs are proprietary makes accurate checking each and every version of each and every program impossible.

If we were living in an alternate universe, in which the source code of these programs were made available to the public, checking them might be feasible, even for security idiots like Microsoft. Also, when Microsoft misses a free (as in freedom) program here and there, it would only be a matter of time before someone who has knowledge in whatever language said program was written in publishes a modified version, which of course will hopefully be malware-free.