Windows startup problem please help!

i have an hp pavillion t388d… i was experiencing problems due to a trojan so i reseted my computer with thte system recovery of hp. it deleted all my files and reverted back to factory settings…

now im having problems with my start up
when my computer starts up it doesnt seem to want to load anything… it just stops responding after loading a few things, though it doesnt actually really hang.
also in the msconfig.exe i cant seem to go back to normal startup. everytime i click on it, i check the boot.ini button and see that safe mode is also clicked. theres no way for me to load normally without safe mode being checked.
there were a couple of instances where my computer did actually finish loading. but this happend like twice only and now i was able to load my computer by turning off all the start up programs in the msconfig.exe

please help me!
thanks in advance.

oh yeah i forgot to mention, my hardrive has a partition which is the hp recovery partition… i dont know if this has to do anything with my problem, but id just like to inform u guys about it…

which windows system are you running?

im using windows xp.

also before this happend, i started mycomputer in safe mode through msconfig.exe. this might have something to do with it i think… coz ever since doin that, thats when it started to act up

You can try to select Diagnostic Startup on the General tab in msconfig. If you still have the same problem, you may also want to go to boot.ini tab and check the SOS checkbox. After reboot you’ll see the text mode boot, and perhaps determine where it hangs.