Windows source

anyone looking at/for it? im trying to avoid it, and i follow a /. link about a security problem that ACTUALLY HAD (some of) THE SOURCE ON THE PAGE.

oh ya, there was a leak, if you havent heard :wink:

Last i heard it wasnt officially confirmed though.

You mean this page? :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Hemispasm
Last i heard it wasnt officially confirmed though.

the source leak?

Yes i mean from capt Mickey, but then again i didnt look for it very thoroughly :wink:

Hmmm I read a analysis on the source code yesterday and the comments were quite positive. I don’t know if the man who made the comments was payed though :slight_smile:

Anyhow… it’s no good that this source code has leaked. No good for MS, no good for the opensource world…

BTW, it’s just a very small part that leaked. The complete code of Win2k is about 20GB and only about 600MB of code leaked. Besides that, it was quite old code…

Wasnt the IE html rendreing engine a part of the leaked code?

Seems like someone found a security exploit link
Though it’s said to already have been fixed.

Oh and yet another reason not to use IE

Quick overview of the comments inside the source code :slight_smile:

Cool stuff :slight_smile:

fav comment on slashdot -

the riaa tried for 2 years to matchup ip addresses to home addresses. people downloading the source code got letters mailed to them in ~4-5 days. who trusts windows?