Windows service pack 3 help




When i install windows XP service pack 3 onto my windows xp media center edition 2005 it installs fine and then asks to reboot but when i do it gets to the windows loading page and then goes blue screen every time so i had to run safe mode and then system restore to roll back to service pack 2 to fix the problem. Does anyone know why it would do this. Could it be because i have corrupt files in the system files. i downloaded the service pack from Microsoft’s website and the windows update but nothing. I have a AMD antholon motherboard if that helps at all. if anyone knows anything on how to fix this error please let me know.


Hi !! nobody will talk to me either…I’m certainly no expert …but with “Blue Screen” I do have some personal experience…I recommend (your choice of course…) “House Call” a Free “Clean-up” program…It’s Trend Micro…or PcCillin if you’d like…Doesn’t cost anything and works…No “Garbage left behind”…I’m sure this will stimulate some reaction from those who are watching…but it’s “The Best We Newbie’s Got”…That’s why we asked in the first place…Good Luck and Happy Holiday’s…M:bigsmile:


You might try this:


I did read here that AMD has issues with SP3 and to not bother trying it.


Well I have a dual core athlon albeit my mother board has an nvidia chipset and have had no problems with windows sp3. Sometimes you just get lucky I guess.


AMD/SP3 here & no worries.


Same as Whappo & beef barley here.
I have a six-year old AMD palomino on a Via chipset mobo with XP SP3 running without issues here.
The issues appear to be with specific AMD cpu’s and/or specific mobo’s/chipsets combinations.