Windows Security Center Problem

Everytime I restart Windows XP with SP2, the Security Center screen pops up and tells me that I do not have the Windows Firewall turned on. I use Sygate Firewall and therfore don’t need Windows built-in firewall protection. Every time I tell it that I do not want to monitor it and check the box so that it won’t alert me again but it still alerts me everytime I restart my pc. Is that a problem with just my pc or is there some type of fix for this problem?

Here is a reg file, run it & reboot your system. It will disable Windows Security Center altogether. (419 Bytes)

Or you could just take the tick out of these 3 boxes
But i would think aaa_121uk has the best idea…

Hey :slight_smile:
I would say its just M$ being annoying usual! If you firewall program tells your that it it working fine and doing its job (check its up to date, ect.) then it just some XP/the securtiy center can’t read. Some anti-virus/firwall programs are known to block programs reading there status. It has no function than only to inform you of the status of your security (and takes up RAM). If you want to disable the security center (i have! Annonying as hell :a)
do this:
Go into Control panel, administrative tools, services, then look on the list for “Security Center”. Right click properties, stop and disable! Done :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

I already did that but it didn’t work. The security center would always come up after I restarted. But I have done what the others have said to do and that seems to work for the moment. Thanks to all of you for your post and for helping me solve this annoying MS problem.