Windows screwed up, so I reinstalled..need help!

Ok, a few days ago I restarted the computer - to find that some files had been deleted. WIN.COM especially! So, Windows (98SE) couldn’t start up.
I chucked in the WIN98SE CD and reinstalled it like that. When I started up windows again, most file associations had been lost, and nothing was in the Add/Remove list.
All registry entries were still there though (I checked in RegCleaner 4.3). So I reinstalled most of the programs.

Is there anything else I must do?

Also, when I go to use any MS Office program (Powerpoint, Excel, Word etc.), the windows installer opens and needs the CD. Is there any way I can reinstall without the CD as I have lost it! (damn!!)

And also, something is wrong with Windows Installer. When I am installing or uninstalling something, it asks for a removable disk or to redirect to another file on the computer. But it never did that! So I downloaded Windows Installer 2.0 from Windows site but it says I already have it! whats wrong?

thanks heaps u guys!:bow: :bow:

Is there any other program like Excel? I need it today as my assignment due tomorrow (It is Sunday today)

Hmm it sounds like your system isn’t really healthy eh?

If you can spare the time and have everything you need (drivers, software etc) I’d advice you to completely reinstalll your system. Not the way you reinstalled by installing Windows over Windows, but by formatting your harddrive and starting all over again.

Although your system starts, there seem be to quite some strange things going on, mainly caused by invalid registry entries. You can manually edit your register of course (and some can be down automatically) but the yields won’t be that good as when starting all over again.

The one thing you can do to clean your register and hope that invalid entries will be removed/fixed is to make use of the regtool of JV16 Powertools.

About MSOffice: when MSO asks for the CD, try to refer to the location of that file(s) on your harddrive, instead to a CD drive. It might work!

Any program like Excel? Sure, download (legal, free and even better in quite some senses ;)).

Good luck!

It is now 9PM, and I don’t really feel like downloading a 50Mb+ file (even though I do have DSL).
At the moment I am on the Pentium166(:a :frowning: ) because on the other computer (the one with the problem) has a new problem.
When it starts up, everything loads, untill it comes up to the mouse and loads the background. But then:
Mprexe has caused an illegal operation! I cant click anything or do anything. I have done a Hard Reboot (Reset button), tried safe mode and turned the damn thing off! But to no avail.
It just popped up after I ran a systemfilecheck (SFC), and restarted. I cant do anything. all this happens even before the Log in thing.
Should i post a new thread about this new problem?

Have a look here!

None of those have the illegal operation :frowning:
But the computer I am using now (P166) is on a network connected to the screwed computer. Could that be of any help? Any files on the other computer can be accessed.

I told my mum it is possible to format the computer while not deleting certain directorys, but she didn’t believe me. is this possible? Because I am sure you can, but I am only 13 and don’t know everything about

If you have access to the files on the other computer, why not copy them over the network to your P166 system, so you can format?

The only partition you’d have to format is the Windows partition (and if you don’t want that, you can as well delete the directories ‘Windows’ and ‘Program files’. You can’t do this over the network though, you’ll need a dos bootdisk).

And euh… tell your mom that it’s very well possible, or let her read this thread :slight_smile:

(ps CDFreaks isn’t responsible for any destroyed data by unforseen problems or errors made by the user ;))