Windows RT fail: less than half the projected shipments achieved

Windows RT fail: less than half the projected shipments achieved.

[newsimage][/newsimage]While Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 is a success, the company seems to see lower than expected sales for Windows RT, the tablet version of Windows 8.

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That’s hard to believe. Maybe Win8’s Krakatoa-esque sales are setting the stage for us to abandon all keyboards as RT’s imminent success tsunami’s over us.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

Windows 8 is the combination of bad GUI decisions and bad timing. With market already being full of Android and IOS devices, consumers don’t want to “upgrade” from something useable and functional to something less functional. Perhaps is Windows 8 Tablets came three or four years ago, people might have been willing to overlook the new “features”, and get used to the interface.

Too bad for Microsoft. Perhaps “9” will be more successful, if Microsoft continues down the tablet path.

Further bad news about RT:

“It seems to be linked in a lot of cases to a steep learning curve of the [Windows 8] OS – which is not necessarily intuitive.”

The wheels are coming off the Windows 8/RT wagon.

This will be an expensive lesson for MS and it might cost them a lot of market share in the long run. Every time they think they can ram a crappy OS down the throats of their customers they lose big. To think a lot of this trouble with Windows 8 could have been avoided if only they had included a Start Menu option. It might be time to clean out their marketing and long term strategy departments because they really dropped the ball on Windows 8 and RT.