Windows Repair Stuffed My Computer, Please Help!

Ok it all started when a friend asked me to burn a cd for him so I go to burn it but weird I have no cd-drives out of 9 (4 of them being virtual) So I look in task manager sure enough my aspi driver was corrupt. So no problem just throw it through a windows repair. It was all going fine until it rebooted and went into the repair process. As soon as it got in its asking me for the location of afile called ‘asms’ 5 xp discs later and the only thing I could find close to asms was a folder but it wouldn’t accept that.

Please help me out with how to fix this, I’m open for ideas.

If not is there any way of recovering my settings without having to boot into that installation of windows?

why in GOD’S name would you do a repair install of XP when all you needed to do was install aspi ?

you deserve your troubles ! however, your trouble relates to upperfilters and lowerfilters.

if you CAN still boot into Windows then delete the reg entries that the below article speaks of.;EN-US;Q311755

Cause I asked my “tech support” and he said to just repair windows. Looks like that will work :smiley: thanx a lot :bow:

no edit button :confused:
arrgh anyway I tried that and it works but now I go to the BSOD every time I try to boot it :sad: .
Any Suggestions?

NEVER EVER LISTEN TO TECH SUPPORT!! next time the BSOD comes up write down what it says the numbers 0x000… are the most important ones so make sure you write them exact. Then go to the M$ knowledge base and put those numbers into the search and it should give you a heap of answers. Good luck oh and did I say NEVER EVER LISTEN TO TECH SUPPORT!!

Ok well I went to the microsoft site with my code STOP: 0x0000007B And looked it up. It told me that I was either missing drivers or have something corrupt thats trying to boot. Can somenody please tell me what I can do to pin point whats actually wrong.

problem now could be caused by the aborted repair install you tried earlier. i would suggest now trying the repair install…might be your quickest way out of this issue now

I’m certainly not an expert but as I recall an XP repair wont fix the problem if the problem resides in the registry. Did you try Run - sfc / scannow to determine if some critical windows files were missing or corrupt? I would try that b4 You try another repair. Also you didnt mention but is your version SP2? If not you might want to upgrade once the repair is sucessful.

Well I tried another windows repair. No luck, still a big ugly blue screen. Its service pack 1. Any other Ideas?

Sorry to hear m8. Try reading through this article–>XP stop Error and Blue Screen I think it will get you back up and running.

That stop error during windows setup or repair usually means a device driver conflict, a hardware conflict or a boot sector virus. Based on what you have said, i am leaning more towards a driver conflict. You can try unistalling the drives and drivers in device manager, then try the repair again. good luck

What are you doing in the repair console e.g what commands are you trying to run?

Heres an idea…
Format > Freash install!


would be my suggestion too. If you have all your programs and data backed up just do a fresh install

Yea, I’m tryin to avoid doing a fresh install since It will take too long to reinstall everything and I don’t have enough storage to back everything up.