Windows re-install prob



I recently had to re-install my Win 7, used the same disk I have had for a few years, now I have

a few new problems that I had never had before, one, when I try to get on to Logitech to in

stall my drivers, I get the web page, but I cannot get any further, prompt anything on the page

and nothing happens, also I always used Cnn weather for my weather and then Cnn home, now when I

bring up the weather page and enter a city , same as the Logitech web, no response? Am I

encountering some kind of security block? T.I.A.


Which browser are you using and is it up to date?

If using IE, try Firefox or Chrome instead. See if you have the same issues.


I’ve used IE and encountered the same problem. Hopefully it will work with Chrome better.


as a repair tech I can tell you that your need to reinstall followed by different problems after the re-installation is most often a strong indication of a hardware problem.

Typically a hard drive issue


Here’s what I would’ve done first before wiping and reinstalling Windows. First get all the drivers downloaded and saved to flash stick or another HDD or USB drive. Then reformat and reinstall all your drivers and reboot and if there is a hardware problem then you will know it. First rule for reformatting is download the latest drivers for the hardware before even going the route of wiping and reinstalling the O/S.


I say again “Problems” with the OS that force you to re-install the OS which then displays different problems…

This is a classic display of a physical hard drive issue that is underlaying/creating the original as well as the “new” problems.

The positive way to verify the issue is to your “reinstallation” and delaying “Activation” until you’ve verified that the installation is error free
(you’ve generally got 30 days to deal with this)

And if Errors DO crop up, run the installer again on a different HDD,
preferably a NEW one.

From my perspective as a professional tech, such an overwhelming
percentage of real, verifiable issues are due to hard drive errors it
generally isn’t worth bothering with reinstalling on the suspected drive.

one other benefit of setting the original drive aside and (as general practice)
doing your reinstallation on another drive is that any “Data” on the "original"
drive is NOT going to get overwritten… until you are sure you don’t need it.