Windows programming / general

anyone know any good guides for beginning windows programming?

What language do you want to learn? I have a few guides i could give you for c++, Java and visual basic. They’re all ebooks so i could send to your email if possible.

slayerking, what’s the title of that c++ guide?

the languages aren’t the problem. i was just wondering if anyone knew of good guides/reference sites, in addition to msdn, that could help explain the basics of windows applications. It’d be nice to have something for reference, rather than searching through header files to see what i need to pass into functions.

i have a few class websites that are in pdf form, if you so desire, donald. i believe the intro is in java, and the more advanced one is c++ for data structures. fun times…

quivers at the thought of patricia trees all over again

the visual basic ebook would be sweet, though - sounds like a fun summer project. is there some online location i could find them at? if not, i could probably host them from my university website, if you wanted to send them to me, i’d really appreciate it. not sure about the best way to accomplish it, though, as im squeamish about posting my non-junkmail email anywhere :wink:

Thank you!

Originally posted by Donald_Duck
slayerking, what’s the title of that c++ guide?

one is special edition using visual c++, c++ unleashed and sam’s teach yourself visual c++. I’m having trouble finding the vb and java books, But it wont be long.

I grabbed many good books, particulalry in Java(my main field of interest) here:

You have to link to links to links to get some of these but they are awesome pdf and doc files.

Oh yea, also if you have kazaa lite or winmx, just do a search for something you like, for example Java guide and then add e-book to the search. So it would look like “Java guide e-book” and try mixin gwithout the dash in e-book as I noticed you get diff results this way. kazaa Lite is particulalry useful with finding books.

Here are the gems:

Data structures/Algorithms: Computer algorithms - Horowitz and Sahani
Networking - Tannenbaum - Networking
Java - Bruce Eckel - Thinking in Java
C++ - Bjarne Stroustrup - The C++ programming language
Windows programming - Charles Petzold - The Windows programming language
VB - Do you need any book :bigsmile:

For any Windows development, be it VC++/MFC/VB I’d strongly recommend the Petzold book. Theres also a e-book available but not sure whether its legal for download. Its anyway worth buying the hard copy - a handy reference for the rest of your programming career :slight_smile:

For Windows Programming,
“Windows Programming with C++” from Addison-Wesley is a great beginners book.
It is short (about 300 pages), cheap (30 bucks), and to the point.
But without any C++ knowledge it won’t do you any good. (The reason this is such a good book is that it focuses on WinAPI and assumes you already know C++)
For someone who knows nothing about programming,
“Practical C Programming” from O’reily
“C++ The Core Language” from O’reily and
“C++ Primer Plus” from SAMS,
are great books to learn C++.

i found the petzold book for 60 $ locally - gotta get some pocket change together. or go check amazon now :slight_smile:

i have stevens networking for unix book - which seems to be pretty all inclusive.

that algorithms in general book sounds interesting - time to get on the university’s site.

thanks all for your assistance.