Windows Pro XP won't start with NEC ND-2500A! Help!



I just got my NEC DVD burner and when I start my pc it goes for about 3 minutes and the screen comes up where you can go into safe mode, when I try loading normally it doesn’t work, and when I try safe mode it doesn’t work. I unplugged the DVD burner and now everything is starting up fine. I’ve tried unplugging the CDRW I have and using those cables for the DVDRW and it still didn’t work. Anyone know what’s wrong? Bad drive maybe?


anyone know what could be wrong? should I send back my drive?


whats your setup with hdd

whats primary master/slave, secondary master/slave?
DMA mode?

Give some more info.


DMA mode is enabled. I have a CDRW and a DVDRW. I’ve tried the DVDRW with the master and slave connectors and it doesn’t work either way. I’ve also tried with and without the CDRW drive connected.


Are you using a genuine copy of Windows XP Pro or a cough cracked copy, if so do you get any error messages ie RPC call?

I’m pretty sure that I read in an earlier post something regarding not placing DVDR’s on RAID controllers?

Please correct me if I’m wrong regarding the last comment.

I so Stoopid, I was reading ‘xtacydima’ spec for his pc and thought it was yours!!


Have a look here at Wes’s FAQ:


You may also want to try using a different IDE cable. (80 wire UDMA)


I finally got it working. I have to have my CDRW drive unplugged, and the DVDRW as the Master. If I plug either one into the slave the computer won’t boot. Anyone know why? I guess it doesn’t matter since I can burn cds on the DVDRW.


On the jumper settings you could try changing the CDRW to Cable Select ( CS) and see if this helps.

Stoopid question, are you drives being recognised during the POST screen?