Windows not showing my mp3 information?

I got this problem with my last computer as well.

For some odd reason, I cant see the artist and album name below my mp3s, or even when I hold my cursor over them. Normally if you hold your cursor over an mp3 it’ll show “Artist, Album, Year, etc” but mine just says “Type” and “Size.”

How do I fix this? It’s really annoying.

EDIT: It seems the problem is only happening in My Music folder, and all sub-folders in My Music. :-/


sorry for the double-post, but the edit button isnt showing up for some reason…

this was happening to me, so I followed that (disabling those 2 .dll files)

I re-enabled them and now my music tags are working again!!

…but Explorer is crashing again now!!! >=[

Why can I only have one and not the other? Is there a fix for this?