Windows not letting me re-install games



i recently had to remove one of my SATA HDD. it was my third one i used for storing games.
this was removed due to it dying on me and i re-arranged everything else and all is working fine.
No Virus, no hardware faults nothing.
all legal copies of all software.
when i try to re-install any of the software that was on the defunct HDD windows vista tells me there is an error on the H: drive (the one now dead and removed) and therefore can not continue to install.

i am getting really frustrated.
How do i stop windows seeing this HDD if it is not there. i have checked the admin tools and the HDD does not show up…help


You already have a thread about this in the General Hardware forum.

Please don’t crosspost, it’s hard to co-ordinate replies, and against forum rules.

If anyone can help, please post to this thread:

Thanks. Thread closed.