Windows Movie Maker

Someone on another MB pointed out that I could use Windows Movie Maker to add WAV audio files (from audio CDs) to production movies and create a video with my music as the soundtrack. A couple of questions: first, WMM creates both AVI and WMV formated videos. Would either format compress or in any way alter the WAV files? If so, how, and is it recoverable?

If I use a blank jpeg image as the “video” portion of these home-made movies, I will essentially have an audio track/album. I assume the space needed for the audio track would expand to take up the space not used by the “video” portion, which would be de minimus. If I then burn this movie to a DVD disc, the result should be a film that runs as long as the music runs with the only limit being the total storage capacity of the disc. Now, if I then burn this 500+ min “movie” to a DVD disc in the DVD video format, I should have an audio disc that plays 500 min of WAV quality music in any DVD player.

Is this right?

Btw, the audio spec of the DVD video standard is 16 bit, 48kHz sampling. Audio CD is 16bit, 44.1kHz, just a bit slower. I assume the burn software (I have Windows Media Center) will perform the conversion to the higher sampling rate. What kindof problems/audio distortions can this conversion introduce? And is it possible to leave the original WAV format as is, especially as it is so close to the DVD standard.


If you are using jpeg images, aren’t you just making a slide show. And if you are making a slide show, just use slideshow softwares…