Windows movie maker

I tried windows movie maker to capture video for a vhs to dvd conversion. I keep getting this error problem with device. Everything is good until I stop capturing then importing that is when i get the error message and when I go to preview what i captured I get sound but no video what am i doing wrong? Please help

I tried Hauppauge’ but when I go to run it says the hcwtvwnd.dll is missing . I searched and found the missing dll and downloaded but when i went to unzip it it wouldnt let me what am i doing wrong?

I am not sore what your setup is, but if you try to backup commercial VHS tapes, they are copy protected.
You will have to use, what is called “Video stabilizer” to hook it in between your VHS player video output and computer video input.

A little info about what capture card you’re using and what OS your computer has would help us help you. I consulted the Magic 8 Ball and it said ‘Reply Hazy, Please Try Again’…

Im using a legacy video capture device and dell movie studio video device. I dont know what you mean by OS but im running windows xp a pentium 4 2.40 GHz 256 MB of ram if that helps. also just wanted to mention I have been tring my capture card because I dont have any kind of stabilizer to use with my home componets . So if I get a stabilizer like someone suggested I wont have to worry with using my capture card cause i can use my vhs/dvd recorder componet . so its like one is defeating the purpose of the other if that makes sense

Stabilizer has nothing to do with capture card or VHS/DVD recorder. It is only to remove protection from VHS tape, so video can be copied.
You have a choice than. If you use capture card, file will be on your HD, if you use recorder, you have to copy disc to HD and edit, if that is what you desire. If you want to make a direct copy to DVD without editing than recorder will do.

According to Google, you have a Dazzle brand capture card. Hauppauge software won’t work with that. Have you tried the Dell software that came with it? Here’s a link to the manual:

Yes I tried the dell and it works great but cant get passed macrovision. Thanks

Does anyone know anything about a model100 digital video stabilizer? Is it a good one or not? I read that it wont work with some combo units . Is that true ? and is there a way around it? Any imput would greatly appreciated.

No stabilizer that I know of works with combo units simply because there’s no way to connect it between the VCR out and the DVD recorder input. They’re usually hardwired. But what does that have to do with your original question? I see no mention of a combo unit. A brand name for the

model100 digital video stabilizer
might be useful…Answering your question is like pulling teeth…

Yes I have heard of the model 1OO stabilizer. My combo recorder is a Magnavox mwr 20v6. I also have a sanyo dvd/vhs player combo and a jvc dvd/vhs player combo and a couple of just vhs players. I saw a couple of other stabilizers called a dimax and a grex. they are supposed to work like you were talking about with just the one unit but they are expensive. The model 100 dont work all combo recoreders from my understanding and my magnavox is one of them… I just have a lot of money to invest right now. So I was looking for an inexpensive way to get aaround the macrovision. I used my capture card with nero vision . It worked but is so slow. My other program which is what my capture card came with is faster but wont go passed the See my

This is one I use (model 200)
It has S-Video and Composite IN and OUT, so if your recorder has any of those it should work.
Since you have all kind of equipment, if your combo unit does not work, you can always hook up one of your VHS players to one of your DVD recorders.