Windows Movie Maker will not reconize recordable drive

I made a movie in Windows Movie Maker, and have tried to burn it to CD, however, when I select the “save to CD” option, it tells me I don’t have a recordable drive- I do! I’ve looked to see if there was someway to tell it that I do have one which I know as a fact, but can’t find anyway to do that. Is there a way to tell movie maker it’s full of it and to record using my burner CD?

I made a movie in Windows Movie Maker…Is there a way to tell movie maker it’s full of it…

By all means!..:bigsmile:

Save the movie/clip on HDD and use something else to burn it…Try the indisputable champ (IMO) IMGBurn…:smiley:

Thank You! I have tried that. I had to save it in either a avi or wmv format since that is the only two that windows movie maker seems to save in. I saved it as a wmv, and burned it using Nero 7 essentials. However, when I would view it on either TV or played it on the computer (outside the program) it would not show the menu page or the chapters. The next chapter button for chapters worked the first time I used Nero, but after I did the update to Nero 7, then only the previous chapter button would work, the next chapter button would not. Seems I just can’t get the darn thing to work using Nero 7 as a burning program. So I figured I would try to burn it using the same program I made it with, then I get the error message that a recordable drive could not be detected- but I have one. :doh::a


standalone players have only limited support (if at all) for WMV video. For full compatibility, you’d need to create a DVD video, but I have no idea if Windows Movie Maker supports that format as output.

See if you can find something useful here: