Windows Movie maker to DVD

Ummm I am an idiot. I have no business using computers. I finally got around to getting a DVD burner and spent alot of time looking at dvd burning software. DVDfab was the best one. Ok so I had to make an audition tape for a show, and before I sent the tape to the people I backed it up into Windows Movie maker. Now how the hell do I get it to go onto a DVD using DVDFab? Is that even possible? Why does it take so damn long to save the file as DVD/AVI?

Open Windows Movie Maker- go to Help/windows Movie Maker on the Web/Community/Movie Maker Newsgroup. You can ask questions regarding capturing from your video camera and such. DV-AVI is uncompressed, so an hour of this format is about 13 GB. You can use a free program called FAVC to get to DVD format. Then you can use the burning portion of DVDFab to burn to DVD. DVDFab is really made to copy from an already created DVD. Hope this gets you in the right direction.

Yes thank you very much.