Windows Movie Maker Shuts Down

Hi all… I’m having a problem with Windows Movie Maker. It keeps shutting down… instantly, and immediately upon starting it. I see the main screen for less then a second, and POOF, it’s gone.

I read somewhere that Movie Maker can only handle 100 video effects on the system, and then when you try to use an effect, it’ll shut down, but mine shuts down instantly, and although I did have another video editing program on the system, I’ve removed it, yet Movie Maker still shuts down…

Anyone herd of this, or have a clue as to where I can research how to fix it?


//Captain Jerry/

I have had it crash when the temp files and stuff are all goofed.

Usually I do Error Checking, fixing anything that it finds, then I would reboot and then purge all the temp files you can find then see if it works ok.

If not, you may want to try to install the latest Movie Maker over it, so it sort of re-initializes stuff.