Windows Mobile

Not sure if this has been posted before, did a quick search but didn’t see anything. I have a Palm Treo running Windows Mobile 5.0. Question is what settings on DVDFab Platinum would I select to be able to run it on the Treo? I went through it the one time selecting Cell Phone from the DVD to mobile menu, did the picture great, but no sound.

Thanks for any help.

Have you tried the PDA->Palm TX profile?

Where abouts is that setting? I looked through the DVDFab settings, and under DVD to Mobile all I get to choose from is Generic, or PSP. I tried it again earlier, and thought it said Palm tx, but that created a .avi file. ?

On the main screen not settings

I have tried numerous settings, under PDA I selected Palm TX (think that was the only one available), under cell phone I selected Windows Mobile. I think I have gone through almost all the settings applicable to my device I can. The closest I came was the first try which was the cellphone setting with Motorola selected, had video no audio. All the other setups I create a .avi file which I put on a memory card to use in my Palm. When I open the media player and select the file to open it tries, then returns a message saying “An object or name was not found” and does nothing. Any ideas?

The Palm TX profile requires that you load the files via Hot Sync (which converts them to .ASF). Not sure about the Treo. If you got picture but no audio with the Motorola profile (which one–there are 2) it is probably because of the AAC audio. Do you have any documentation that came with the Treo that gives the video file requirements? Forget about asking Palm customer support. I gave up after 8 emails. They don’t have a clue about video (I have a TX).

Well, after working all week I tried the movie conversion again, still not going to fly :sad:

Will play with it some more, if anyone out there knows the trouble I am having I could use a hand.