Windows Millenium

I recently D/L a beta version of Win Millenium but I need a Beta ID.Anyone know wher to get one?

Try this from beta 3:


…for the beta id … you just type in any digits…like 2499

Ive just downloaded the 2516beta of winme. will that ser’ no. work? Also the serial no. zip file is password protected. Anyone know the password for it?

try this
Beta ID : =7010150
serial : RBDC9-VTRC8-D7972-J97JY-PRVMG

I don’t know if it’ll work becaus i’m stil downloading it .


If youve jsut started downloading winme you might as well stop. Ive noticed no difference in performance or compatiblility, only the new fancy graphical icons. Media player has changed a bit, games run the same, the only thing ive noticed thats runnig worse is winamp while surfing the net. If your almost finished downloading winme them get it otherwise, leave it and wait for its release. (june 2 is what ive heard)


Ofcours is winme not that much of an improved sinds win 98 .But then again , which product of microsoft is so much better then the previous ? ( except with dos and win 3.1 but that’s it )
If you have cable or better , download it . If you can copy it , copy it .

I did d/l WinMe, but it would not install, because of some programs were missing (f.i. setupc.dll , setupx.dll , etc.)…

Does anyone know where to d/l a correct version of WinMe (beta) ???

Thanx in advance !!