Windows Millenium is ready



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Submitted by: Hactec
Source: Microsoft

Now just wait till it will be in the stores, at Thursday, Sept. 14, 2000, but some people will probably have it loooong time before that


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what about me i have a prerelease and it does only work to 14th of august


Anyone knows where can I get Windows Me? (FTP site or smth)


Just wait 'till an iso site shows it has been released to the internet? Check for example


So, now it is waiting for the download!


i have a time trial crack that works on all millennium builds. for instance, i have RC2 right now (build 2535), and i simply cracked one file, and now i can use it as long as i want. if you want it, email me, cuz i’m not gonna post it for no reason.


Does anyone need a link to WinME build 2535.
then go to:

From Freedom


Anyone know what happend to this guys site


passes Please.


OK, I have a question to pose, and I hope someone can give me a an honest answer, that means no bullshit!

I have a Athlon 700Mhz, a 3D Prophet Card DDR, 196meg PC 133 memory etc! I have tried all al build of Windows ME, and I get the same error!! after the install is complete, and I enter my password for windows, it immediately bombs with the following msg Explorer has caused and error in explorer.exe!! Windows 2000 full release did the same f****** thing, and I am now real pissed at this!! I have removed all my cards bar the graphics card from the system board, I have tried different dimms, unplugged all my cdr hardware, removed my 2nd drive, cleaned out my system startup, and still no Fucking joy!! What the fuck is up with MS!!! Windows 98 works great, no prbs, so what the fuck is causing Windows ME to screw up with the exlorer error! What can it be! Why did Windows 2000 full, have the same prb. If I try to install Windows ME from dos, after about a min, the screen goes corrupt, and thats yer lot!! can it be that MS have a stupid routine that detects an nvidia Geforce chip, and out of sheer spite they crash yer system, I AM COMPLETELY FUCKED OFF, AND WILL NOT PURCHASE A RIP OFF CONSUMER OUT OF MORE MONEY FOR ANOTHER BUG FREE OS, IF IT DONT FUCKING WORK WITH MY SYSTEM. MS CAN TAKE A BIG FUCKING JUMP INTO THE OCEAN AND SLEEP WITH THE FISHES!!!


Interceptor, what motherboard do you have? Most likely the problem is with the chipset. Solutions:
#1 New Bios
#2 New Chipset Drivers
#3 There may not be one…yet


Im going out on a limb here and this is def. gonna sound stupid… But which would be better to run, Windows 2000 or Windows ME? Whatz the difference?


Windows 2000 is NT tecnolgy its has a difrent Kernel
very stable a working plataform. Windows 2000 ME gamers and lets see if its full of bugs.


The cause of install problems
of the newest M$ products on an AMD platform is the intel’s arm way up Bill’s ass.


My problems upgrading turned out to be my power settings in the bios. they were not compatible with the way that MS tries to take over your system. try disabling your ACPI power save features - ALL OF THEM!!! i later updated my mobo bios and the post install blue screen of death went away, i then formated and fresh installed just to be safe. 2k and ME both try to take over the power management features - why? fuks if i know



Well, it didnt take long…winME RTM Final Build 2000.3 started floating around the ftps yesterday… go and get it ;o)


Does anyone have a valid serial for WinME Final? I just tried to install it with the serial supplied with the swat.nfo: RBDC9-VTRC8-D7972-J97JY-PRVMG (which by the way is the same I used for Win2k final) but it didn’t seem to work…




Does somebody know a ftp site
where I can download the final
version of win millenium(2000.3 ?).


WinME is out on the ftps? I’ve “gone out to get it” but haven’t found it! Any chance someone direct me to the place!