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Well not much to say except that I have found a site where you can download the full release of Windows Millenium.

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If the download site up here is broken you can also find it at



All these Windows ME out are for machines with nothing on them!! How can we upgrade from Windows 98 using this release and saving everything on the registry?




There is a Fix by SWAT, get it at; or


There is a Fix by SWAT, get it at; or


Does anyone know if this new Windows is multilingual? Or is it english only?


actually you can get the REAL final release here
with this one, i believe you can upgrade from - i downloaded it but haven’t installed yet - i am putting it onto a cd now


Nevermind… you can’t upgrade from it dammit… so if you really want an upgrade, stop downloading the files now…


What about the dutch version??


Hey look, I have d/l the complete set of files, inc an oem fix OK. I will install and let you know! I will assume the oem fix will let you install over your current OS. If you want to do a clean install from dos then dont use the oemfix OK. Now instead of moaning, at least try and install it OK It does give you an option to backup yer existing files if you want to remove windows ME, and go back to yer existing setup.

Jesus some peeps are hard to plz. Damm hard work for nothing.

c’mon at least try it, and download the oem fix OK


actually it DOESN’T give you the option with the REAL version!!! the version that you posted with the oem “fix” just changes the build number!! try installing it WITHOUT the fix on another partition and see what you get! all i am saying is that i believe that the version posted on your linked site is not the real thing
i appreciate your hard work but all i am saying is that i think that what you have is just another relese of RC2 that they put up so they could be the "first ones"
and if i am wrong you can come to my house and bitch at me all day ok?? im just tryin to help and im just passing on what i have learned about the many releases of windows me “final” that have just come out recently
so if i offended you or anyone else i am very sorry
i guess i can try downloading your "final release as well as my own to try them both out


I think this is not the real Micro$oft Windows Me because the real one is written MilleNNium ;-)))


Just downloaded and upgraded to the so called ME Version.

Works fine take’s over all my settings and programs are all working perfect.

just wanna let you all know


Skunkie - which site did you get it from?


yeah and what is the build number??


NeWyAwKa - i think you run your mouth too much. the OEM fix he’s talking about is obliviously the SWaT fix that lets you use the full install as an upgrade. and when you apply the fix, you can still do a full install from DOS.


To anyone:
I know this question is like the dumbest question ever, but what exactly is this Windows Millenium program? Is it like an operating system, such as the other Windows, or is it just some asshole-created useless program? Is it a Bill Gate’s Microsoft release?
Please, someone answer these questions!
Thank you


What are the differences between the priority and the swat releases and which one if at all, is truely the “Final Version”?


Is it the actual fuanl version, and are the drivers for all my cards etc that i use with windows 98 compatible with me?


It’s a stupid question but what do i do with all the .r## files?