Windows/Microsoft in half?

I just posted the article Windows/Microsoft in half?.

We (regular visitors of CDFreaks) know all the stories about Microsoft and the judges and the maybe-split-of-the-company and …

Well, here’s an interesting story.

Judge wants…

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This doesn’t sound like something I would want. A new version of windows in different modules? Sounds to me that MS is right, this would create havoc with the users & companies. This isn’t a user-friendly solution to me.

I like the part

The software giant says it would be technically impossible to offer multiple versions of Windows and would create havoc for consumers and the computer industry.
:). It IS technically possible, only it ain’t good for their purse :slight_smile: Distribute it on the net. What is Linux else then modules? And it IS technically possible, and the predeccor (Unix) is used among the biggest companies in the world (and it’s modular too, …). I don’t like MS at all :r! :+ :+ :+ Let’s wait 'till 15 May :wink:

BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! i have a small movie showing that crashy presentation!!! it’s fantastic! awsome! priceless!! :4

The video can be found <A HREF=“” CLASS=txt TARGET="_new">here</A> along with some other Microsoft “stuff”. :7

you know i cant fucking understand? is WHY DO PPL WHO HATE WINDOWS CONTINUE TO USE IT? Geez. Microsoft didnt create a monopoly. every single person who bought/pirated windows did. Microsoft just made a product everyone uses.

A “robust and reliable” version of Windows; IMPOSSIBLE :+